BaseBall Score Book 3.9

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This is the application of the baseball scorebook.

You can easily and quickly record the scores without
in-depth knowledge with this application.

You can also output the recorded scores to the files, so
you can print them out on your computer.

This is the suitable application to keep the score for
amateur baseball games.

List of major functions

Scorekeeping of the teams.
Recording batting results.
Add the function of the reference of the personal scores.
(as a text file)
Add the function of the reference of the team scores.
(as a text file)
Reference of the recorded game scores.
Output the recorded game scores to the files.
(as a text file)
Registration, delete of the team, players, stadium
and zone names.
Reference of the map of the registered stadiums. (use
Google Map).
Cooperate to output of the registered game data.
(android2.2 or later)
Output the database files to the Secure Digital Card.

Schedule of version upgrade

Adaptable environment

Android2.1 or later(recommended Android2.2).
Operation checked models.
Galaxy S, Xperia, LYNX 3D SH-03C

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